Ongoing Metrics Testing

Metrics testing is a fun and motivating way to measure progress and help young players build confidence in their game.


Boost Baseball players ages 11 thru 18 are encouraged to attend these comprehensive free sessions* that happen three or four times per year. Our next event will be in mid-February, with more in July and October. 

*Boost Baseball clients receive this service for free. A $50 fee is charged for non-Boost players. 

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Here are the Metrics that we measure


  • FB Velocity

  • Spin Rate

  • Movement

  • Release

  • Location


  • Max Exit Velocity

  • Avg Exit Velocity

  • LPH

  • Avg Launch

  • Home To First

  • Double Time


  • Stolen Base Time

  • 10 Yard

  • 30 yard

  • 40 Yard

  • 60 Yard


  • Arm Velocity

  • Hand Eye

  • Vertical

  • 4 Jump

  • L Drill


  • Push Ups

  • Sit Ups

  • Grip Strength

  • Lateral Bound

  • Med Ball Side Toss