Indoor Training

Group Sessions are designed to maximize training all year. Coupled with on-going assessments, Boost Baseball’s private training is the professional way to improve and track progress.

Tailor training to your needs and schedule

  • Professional programs designed and taught by professional athletes

  • Weekly group sessions in Bellevue

  • Maximum number of players per session is capped at six

  • Access to state-of-the-art equipment

To book, call Ford Sports Performance

(425) 746-2600


Weekly Group Training Sessions

@ Ford Sports Performance Facility in Bellevue

  • Focused training for hitting, pitching, infield and outfield mechanics

  • Improve player mechanics in all functional areas. High concentration on in-game mentality and pre-at bat approach.

  • Pitching training with an emphasis on increasing arm velocity and pitch accuracy.

  • Improve strength, maintenance, and health of pitching arm. Weekly customized training to prevent fatigue, injury, or harm.


Includes player profiles with HitTrax and Rapsodo

Regular assessments included with training packages

The Value of Tracking Metrics

Advanced data and insights are changing the way athletes are approaching their training.  In order to truly enhance performance, we, at Boost Baseball, test athletes regularly, which enables our team to align training to specific goals and provide athletes with a competitive advantage.