Ready to Take Your Game
to the Next Level?

Boost Baseball provides year-round development to athletes at the highest level of training, both mentally and physically. 

What is Boost Baseball?

An independently owned business that operates out of Mercer Island, Washington. Former MLB and MiLB players, Sean White and Andre Marshall work with children as young as 5 and as old as 18 to develop hitting and pitching skills. Throughout various programs and camps, Boost Baseball works to offer an unmatched sense of guidance and instruction.

Boost Baseball covers it all through an unbiased approach that solely focuses on player development. We are 100% independently-owned and operated, which allows us to provide consistent, professional, and personal instruction to each player. By identifying areas that can be improved, players are able to develop good habits, which ultimately leads to success. 

What makes Boost different?

  • Player performance is quantitatively tracked

  • Development of each player is the sole focus

  • Quality instruction instead of quantified 


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Youth Training

Congratulations to our High School players on a successful 2021 season!


Sean White

Sean White, pitcher, pitched for the Washington Huskies. Drafted by the Atlanta Braves, he played 10 years professionally -- three of them at the MLB level.

Andre Marshall

Andre Marshall, outfielder and switch hitter, played for the Washington Huskies. Drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies, he went on to play minor league baseball for seven years.