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what are the boost baseball clinics?

Our dynamic program is designed to ignite young athletes' passion for the game while sharpening their hitting and pitching skills.


Led by our expert coaches, participants will receive personalized instruction, improve technique, and foster teamwork in a positive environment.



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hitting clinic

Designed for baseball players of all levels, our clinic focuses on the key aspects of hitting, from proper stance and mechanics to generating power and improving contact. Led by our experienced instructors, you'll receive personalized guidance and participate in skill-building drills and simulated game situations to enhance your overall batting performance.

Benefits of the Hitting Clinic

  1. Skill Enhancement: The hitting clinic provides a focused and structured environment where players can enhance their hitting skills. Through expert coaching and personalized guidance, participants will refine their technique, improve their swing mechanics, and develop a better understanding of hitting fundamentals.

  2. Increased Power and Contact: The clinic's drills and exercises are specifically designed to help players generate more power and improve their contact with the ball. By learning proper mechanics, bat speed techniques, and maximizing their swing efficiency, participants can boost their hitting prowess and drive the ball with greater authority.

  3. Game-like Simulations: The clinic incorporates simulated game situations, allowing players to apply their newly acquired skills in realistic scenarios. This helps build confidence, decision-making abilities, and adaptability in different game scenarios, ensuring players are prepared to excel during actual game situations.

pitching clinic

Led by our expert coaches, this clinic focuses on developing essential pitching mechanics, improving command, and mastering a variety of pitches. Participants will receive personalized instruction, engaging drills, and simulated game situations to refine their skills. From proper throwing mechanics to enhancing accuracy and building pitch repertoire, this clinic equips pitchers with the tools they need to dominate on the mound.

Benefits of the Pitching Clinic

  1. Enhanced Mechanics: The clinic focuses on teaching proper pitching mechanics, helping participants develop a solid foundation for consistent and efficient throwing. By honing their technique, pitchers can increase velocity, improve accuracy, and reduce the risk of injury.

  2. Command and Control: Through targeted drills and exercises, the clinic helps pitchers improve their command and control over different pitches. Participants learn how to locate pitches effectively, hit their spots with precision, and gain a better understanding of pitch sequencing.

  3. Pitch Repertoire Expansion: The clinic offers instruction on developing a diverse arsenal of pitches, including fastballs, breaking balls, and change-ups. Pitchers learn how to grip the ball correctly, execute various pitches, and add deception to their repertoire, making them more effective on the mound

when do we meet for 
the hitting & pitching 

Boost Baseball is proud to offer our comprehensive Hitting and Pitching Clinics, taking place six times a month. This regular schedule provides participants with ample opportunities to immerse themselves in focused training sessions and experience the full benefits of our clinics.


With consistent practice and guidance from our expert coaches, players can make significant strides in their hitting and pitching skills, resulting in noticeable improvement and development over time. The frequency of the clinics ensures that participants have regular access to high-quality instruction, personalized coaching, and skill-building drills.

The frequency of these clinics maximizes the potential for growth and progression, making them highly beneficial for players committed to taking their baseball abilities to the next level.

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select your prefered session

Boost Baseball offers the flexibility for players to purchase our Hitting or Pitching Clinics individually, allowing them to focus on their specific areas of interest and development. However, for those seeking a comprehensive training experience, we also provide the option to bundle both clinics together.


By purchasing the bundle, players can take advantage of a well-rounded training program that covers all aspects of their game.

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