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Ford Sports Performance is a result driven facility that specializes in training for ALL athletes from Professional athletes, College athletes, top high school recruits, all the way down to youth athletes and adults that want to stay in shape.

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We use the latest equipment most professional and college teams are using to monitor and guarantee our athletes are progressing and developing 

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hit trax

We use Hittrax everyday, it’s tracking all our hitters swings. It’s our favorite tool when it comes to development. There are so many reasons it’s great but let’s focus on the daily metrics and it’s usefulness to instructors and players.


The ability to track pitches and see real time balls and strikes helps hitters learn the strike zone as well as learn what they are capable of hitting consistently. The real time feedback to help convince players line drives and hard groundballs are king compared to getting the ball in the air for most hitters at the highschool level.


Tracking both Max Exit Velocity and Average Exit Velocity has helped convince our hitters swinging as hard as you can might move the Max Exit Velocity needle but it will severely hurt the Average Exit Velocity, and we all know hitting balls harder more consistently leads to complete hitters. There are many other reasons we use our Hittrax but the main day to day use are those things. 

rapsodo hitting

We use Rapsodo in conjunction with our Hittrax for viewing ball spin and having rock solid backed data.  We also use our Rapsodos on the go since they are very portable. Ball spin is very important to hitters whether a hitter is having too much backspin or top spin both help convince our hitters those types of spin are no good and hurt our chances of hitting the ball harder which is our main focus. Everyone knows the harder you hit the baseball the better your chance of getting a hit is. 

rapsodo Pitching

At Boost Baseball we use Rapsodo in conjunction with mechanical adjustments and video analysis to build out our pitching arsenal and track multiple metric advancements. Rapsodo helps us to monitor velocity, spin rates, spin direction, and release points. With instant feedback pitchers are able to process feel, visual feedback and data after each pitch to improve faster.

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testing - metrics

The tests we care about drive our players to improve on the most important things that help facilitate our training and develop our players into the most well rounded athletes.

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Hack Attack

Hack attack machines are great for auto feeding and getting our hitters consistent velocity to hit off. We use these machines a few months before the HS season starts. Prior to these machines we focus on strong balanced swings and consistent approaches and game plans at the plate every time we step in the box or cages to get work done. 

Atec machine generic.jpg

Atec M3X 

Atec is another machine that we use for velocity, but it’s more portable for outdoor use and it’s much easier to use for groundball work and getting realistic top spin grounders to our fielders. 

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Hand Dynamometer 

The best tool for measuring an athletes hand strength. Hand grip directly correlates to throwing harder, hitting the ball harder, and increasing strength in the weight room. 

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Arm Care 

This takes into account 6 important metrics of shoulder health. External rotation mobility, internal rotation mobility, external and internal strength, scapular strength and throwing and non-throwing arm symmetry.

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medicine balls

We use our medicine balls for rotational power and core conditioning. We can do overhead soccer throws, side toss, and farmer throws. They all serve different purposes but they all turn our players into beast atheltes. 


Weighted Balls 

When used right they also can help hitters with contact and how a swing works at the point of contact. Extension is a big reason our hitters see success in improving power and directional consistency in their swings. 

Balance Board.jpg

Balance Boards 

We use balance boards every day. If an athlete has better balance and body control they will be able to move their bodies the way our instructors are asking them to more easily it’s as simple as that. 

Weighted Bats 

When used properly they allow our players to improve their hand strength and conditioining and core strength and conditioning. It’s important to understand when to use them and how frequently they need to be a part of our workload in the facility. 

Image by Eduardo Balderas
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