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What do Most Players Need?


...and a vast majority of players don't receive it 

Attention parents of aspiring ballplayers! If your child didn't make a summer team at any Little League age or is looking to take their game more seriously, we're here to help!

Most teams and organizations aren't a good fit for 'non select'  caliber players, but we specialize in providing the right environment and coaching to help this type of player get ready for their next season / July Tryouts!  

Why Developmental? 

Our development-focused approach prioritizes skill-building, teamwork, and personal growth over a packed schedule and an obsession with winning. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to grow and thrive in the sport, regardless of their current skill level.

By keeping the schedule manageable, we help young athletes strike the perfect balance between baseball, family time, and academic pursuits. This balanced approach reduces the risk of burnout and helps our players maintain their love for the game.

Our emphasis on skill development, athletic development, and personal growth ensures that all players, even those who may be new to the sport, have the opportunity to contribute and feel valued. This inclusive philosophy fosters a sense of belonging, camaraderie, and sportsmanship, which are essential for success both on and off the field.

At Boost Baseball Academy, we're dedicated to cultivating a positive and supportive environment where young athletes can build a solid foundation for a lifetime of baseball enjoyment and success.  

  • Balanced focus: Our team emphasizes both skill development and healthy competition, fostering an environment where players can grow and learn without the pressure of winning at all costs.

  • Train The Athlete: We believe in the benefits of helping our players get stronger, faster, and overall more athletic , which can lead to well-rounded athleticism, reduced risk of injury, and enhanced enjoyment of physical activity.

  • ​Reduced performance pressure: By emphasizing skill development and enjoyment of the game, we help players build confidence and reduce performance anxiety, leading to a more positive experience on and off the field.

  • ​Equal playing time opportunities: Our coaching philosophy ensures that all players receive ample playing time, allowing everyone to develop their skills and contribute to the team's success.

  • ​Fun Tech: We have a hittrax machine which allows us to play simulated games inside. Kids have a lot of fun with it. We also have radars in the back to have more competitive, fun games. 

  • ​D1 Coaches: With our most recent partnership, we have now ensured that assistant coaches, and players on the seattle U baseball team will be helping out our players grow on and off the field

 let us know if you can’t attend every weekend and we may be able to help out

Meet Some Of Our Coaches

We believe firmly that coaches should be non parents, and all of our coahces are former/current players.

Hagen Escato

Coach Hagen is an infielder at Seattle University. He is hurt this year, and recovering from a shoulder injury and will be the 12u head coach. 

Andy Miller

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Coach Andy is a 2 way player at Seattle University. Andy is transitioning into becoming a pitcher, and will be able to help out all braves players with his experiences in both pitching & hitting. He will be the 9u Head coach. 

Kenji Price

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Coach Kenji will be the assistant coach/Pitching Coach of the 11u team. Kenji graduated from Newport HS in 2022. He is a pitcher, and will help his club become better on the mound. 

Cameron Dayton

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Coach Cameron is a 2 way player at Seattle University and transferred here from the University of Texas. He will be coaching the 10u team. 

Derek Gellos

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Coach Derek is a third basemen who is a local as well. He played at Issaquah HS and is recovering from an injury, and will be helping our infielders/hitters.  He will be coaching the 8u team. 

Hunter Komine

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Coach Hunter is a local, and graduated from Jackson High School in Mill Creek in 2022. He will help us a lot with our outfielders, and will be coaching our 11u team. 


We also have other coaches who are not listed here. But each one of them has a background in baseball, and is willing to help players improve their skills so they can enjoy baseball more. We have over 5 coaches who will start in May/June for our teams. All non-parents. 


Meet The Managers Of Our Organization

Nikki Visone

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Nikki is a Seattle University Assistant coach & Braves 13u Head Coach / Asst GM. He brings an extensive baseball background, and we look forward to him leading teams, and developing better baseball players.

Meet The Owners

Sean White

Sean Profile Pic.jpeg

Sean White, pitcher, pitched for the Washington Huskies. Drafted by the Atlanta Braves, he played 11 years professionally -- three of them at the MLB level.

Andre Marshall


Andre Marshall, outfielder and switch hitter, played for the Washington Huskies. Drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies, he went on to play minor league baseball for seven years.

Developmental team success

Players Have Added Skill & Confidence!

Kirkland Little Leaguer 11U

Going into December this coast player was throwing 40-42mph, and didn't throw a ton of strikes. Fast forward 3 months and he is throwing 50-52, and a lot more consistent. This player has a real chance to make his all star team. 

Bellevue Little League 12U

This player here came to us in December, and had not played baseball for over a year. His hitting, and pitching form was all off. Fast forward to his opening day Triple A game, and he had 2 hits while making a play in the field! 

Redmond Little League 8U

Just wanted first to say thanks for all your team has done. (Name) has progressed a lot over the past several months(3). He has been doing a great job so far in AAA this year, and has performed quite well at pitching and batting. In each of his first two pitching starts, he struck out all 6 outs over his two innings pitched; and quite efficiently. He certainly didn't get his pitching skills from me. We can both probably agree that repetition and practice go a long way here.
-Parent of Player


Boost Baseball Academy

State Of The Art Facility

Our program combines the best of both worlds, offering comprehensive training to help you excel in all aspects of the game while developing the skills and athleticism you need to succeed in any sport.

Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, our program has something for everyone.

  • ​Weight room: Our facility has a large area for explosive conditioning as well. 

  • ​Pitching Area: We have 4 bays that can be adjusted for all distances. 

  • ​Hitting/Infield Area: The facility features 3 20 x 70 foot cages. 

 let us know if you can’t attend every weekend and we may be able to help out

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