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Join the Boost Braves!

10u, 12u, and 13u from January-July 2024

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What Do Most Players Need?


Attention parents of aspiring ballplayers:

This is a wonderful opportunity for players who didn't make a a select team or are looking to take their game more seriously. If you're looking for a select team experience with similar training and game practice to get your player ready for their next season and tryouts, this is the right fit for you! 

Why Join the

Boost Braves? 

Our development-focused approach prioritizes skill-building, teamwork, and personal growth. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to grow and thrive in the sport, regardless of their current skill level.

  • Balanced Focus: Our team emphasizes both skill development and healthy competition, fostering an environment where players can grow and learn.

  • Training The Athlete: We believe in the benefits of helping our players get stronger, faster, and overall more athletic. This promotes well-rounded athleticism, reduced risk of injury, and enhanced enjoyment of physical activity.

  • ​Reduced Performance Pressure: We help players build confidence and reduce performance anxiety, leading to a more positive experience on and off the field.

  • Playing Time Opportunities: Our coaching philosophy ensures that all players receive ample playing time practicing, in tournaments, or playing rapid baseball.

  • Technologies: We have three Hittrax machines, Trackmans, and Pocket Radars that track the development of our players, motivating them to exceed their goals and increase performance.

  • Coaching: We have collegiate-level coaches helping our players grow on and off the field.

indoor training boost baseball - boost development
indoor training boost baseball - boost development
indoor training boost baseball - boost development

Developing success

Boosting Skills & Confidence!

Kirkland Little League 11U

Going into December, this coast player was throwing 40-42mph, and didn't throw a ton of strikes.


Fast forward 3 months and he is throwing 50-52, and a lot more consistent. This player has a real chance to make his all star team

Bellevue Little League 12U

This player here came to us in December, and had not played baseball for over a year. His hitting, and pitching form was all off.


Now, on his opening day Triple A game, and he had 2 hits while making a play in the field

Redmond Little League 8U

Just wanted first to say thanks for all your team has done. My player has progressed a lot over the past several months. He has been doing a great job so far in AAA this year, and has performed well at pitching and batting.


In each of his first two pitching starts, he struck out all 6 outs over his two innings pitched; and quite efficiently. He certainly didn't get his pitching skills from me. We can both probably agree that repetition and practice go a long way here.

  - Boost Braves Coach   

  - Boost Braves Coach   

  - Boost Braves Parent  

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